What The Heck Is a Public Reading Anyway

Okay so here I am promoting this public reading and I starting wonder if anyone knows to what I’m inviting them. Probably a good time for a definition. On Saturday November 15, at 1pm at the Chapel Street Playhouse at 27 N. Chapel Street in Newark, DE 19711 we will hold a public of my play “Cancer: It Is Not For Everyone.”

The purpose of a public reading is to get feedback and ideas from people about a previously unproduced work. Hopefully this gives the writer – in this case me – ideas how to make the work better (or even good — Yikes).

Anyway the wonderful actors and people at the Chapel Street Players have volunteered to rehearse the play, read it, and facilitate a discussion between us. We will provide some light snacks.

You don’t have to be an actor, or a writer, or a dedicated theatergoer to help. Anyone who has ever enjoyed a play, book, movie, or TV show is welcome. All you need is an opinion.

So here is the plan Saturday afternoon you all will trickle in and we’ll begin the reading at about 1 pm. The actors will read the first few acts to a point where the director thinks there is a natural break. At that point, we will serve some light refreshment, chat a bit, and go back and hear the rest of the show. After the reading we will have a facilitated discussion where I listen, take notes, and consider your opinion.

After the reading I will take your input and in about a week begin rewriting the play to incorporate many of your suggestions.

And we’ll go from there.

I guess the cool part of this is that this is kind of the true embodiment of community theater. This is all very exciting


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