From hair cutting to teeth pulling – the life of a community theater playwright: T minus 14 – a collective breath


I’m taking a deep breath before my next big push.

Being a small town playwright is P1070145kind of like being a barber in the old west; not only do you cut hair, but you pull teeth too.

In my case one of the teeth pulling duties I have chosen to do is get about 35 to 40 people in the Chapel Street Players Playhouse at 27 N. Chapel St. Newark De. At 1 pm on November 15, 2014. As many of you who are undoubtedly sick of my posts can testify, I am pounding social media to let everyone know the 5 W’s of the event.

Anyway the plan next week is to hit the bricks and enthusiastically tell anyone who’ll listen about the Public reading. I plan to go to the local coffee house, post a flier or two along Main Street, and get a press release or two in the local papers. I also plan to take few hours and mine the Twitter accounts of local theater geeks like me and shoot them some emails.

This whole community theater playwriting things requires the author to be parts social media master, publicist, itinerant marketer, and oh yeah – playwright.

That’s it for now.



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