The Public Reading Report #1.

Actors from the 15 November reading.

It’s 0602 I have an upset stomach from eating too many soft pretzels ,with too many assorted dipping sauces, washed down by too many glass of Chianti – the things I do for my art.

It’s a heavy burden, but I struggle on.

The reading was set to start at 1300 (okay pm). The house doors of the red brick theater in downtown Newark, Del. opened at 12:30 and for a while it looked like we would have been grateful for a tumbleweed. No cars drove down N. Chapel Street and the only foot traffic was college students headed to get lunch – presumably – on Main Street.

Music stands where actors stood for their parts.
Music stands where actors stood for their parts.

And then people trickled in – about a dozen of them. And that ended up being a perfect number, given the size of theater.

Yesterday, Saturday 15 Nov 2014, was the public reading of my play, “Cancer: It’s Not For Everyone” – it was remarkable. That’s the right word – remarkable. The actors were fantastic; the comments were very insightful, and the exchange between audience members was enlightening as well.

The director took the script and superbly crafted the story with minimal blocking. I was stunned at the strengths and weaknesses I saw. The thing is, though, it seemed to resonate with members of the audience. Some cried and others took deep breaths as the story moved forward. It took my breath away to see it.

Audience members at the  Chapel Street Players, Sat. 11/15
Audience members at the Chapel Street Players, Sat. 11/15

Although the comments were steeped in such things as character development, scene construction, and exposition, each person also related an important personal story about cancer and how it related to the reading. Some said it was important because there is universality because everyone has a cancer story.

So in the next few weeks, I will begin rewriting the play incorporating some of the comments and considering them all.Th


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