Survivor Whining

I realize I’ve been quiet the past few weeks, but I feel as though I am at some kind of transition point; I really can’t describe it; everything has felt a bit out of synch. Who knows what that is all about – I surely don’t.

My interest in all things cancer seems to be waning; maybe I’m just tired – no that’s not right. I am still concerned about things, but right now it doesn’t consume me the way it once did. Oh I still get the odd ache and pain – my armpits hurt after exercise and neuropathy kicks in once in a while, but other than that I don’t find myself dwelling on Lymphoma the way I once did.

I’m not sure why that is, but it is. Oh I still live in constant terror of relapse, but other than that …

In an odd sort of irony, since I started working on the play, “Cancer: It’s Not For Everyone” I have reevaluated my priorities and have realized I was getting too hung up on the ephemeral – job, projects, and etc. – while putting the real important on a back burner. You know the real important stuff — love, play, books, music – that sort of thing. I guess I’m drifting back toward “working to live, not living to work.”

And yet …


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