Rommel, Me, and Socal Media — Homework Addendum

Erwin Rommel
Erwin Rommel

I probably should throw an addendum up to my Banksy piece so I actually get credit for completing the homework. While Banksy’s use of social media is well catalogued and his measurements are the result of his art and myth, mine are, at this time, more mundane and mired in infancy.

As a social media novitiate (I’m trying to use as many big words as I can to increase the appearance of erudition; it won’t work, but I’m struggling for word count — eighty seven at this point) all I have are a couple of platforms that might as well be pockets full of nothing but lint on a good day.

I need me some followers!

From Twitter, to Instagram, to Facebook, and LinkedIn, I need somebodies to talk to – to applaud as I spread my sagacity. I know there is a song about needing a friend I should reference here, but nothing comes to mind. And not just friends, but good friends that will comment, and engage.

I just read this book that said, “What good does it do for a man to gain the earth and lose his immortal soul” – oops wrong book. This is the one — Daniel MacArthy writes, in his book 500 Social Media Marketing Tips, “50 interested, engaged, and loyal followers are insurmountably better 5,000 who are not.” (MacArthy 2014)

That’s what I’m striving for on Twitter, and Instagram – peeps who kind of engage. Maybe a share, or a favorite. Is that asking too much?

With WordPress, on the other hand, I want people to read my stuff. So, on that platform I am looking not just for visitors, but views. I want people to come to my blog and think, “That story wasn’t bad, kind of fun to read. What else is in here?”

I primarily look to LinkedIn to funnel people to my blog. I am using multiple tags to publish mixed content. We’ll see how that goes. Regardless, for LinkedIn I also want to see how many folks are looking at and commenting on all the pearls of wisdom I dispense. I am sure all that I write is holy writ.

One last thing, I am looking for my content to be so engaging and so (fill I the blank) that it gets shared, forwarded, liked, and favorited (a new verb).

I haven’t set a mark on the wall for success by platform yet, but probably should – and will. I guess I don’t know what I don’t know. What’s better? Colleen Padilla has a gagillion followers on Twitter, while Laura Blagys has fewer than 400. Both women are very successful in their respective fields. So who knows?

I am reminded of what Field Marshall Erwin Rommel is reputed to have said about logistics’ at the Battle of El Alamein, “I don’t know much about logistics, I just know I want some.” So it is with me and social media metrics – “I just know I want some.”


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