Stalling, Yes Indeed I’m Stalling

Buzz Snarling
Buzz Snarling

It’s Just after 0500 and I’m sitting down in front of my computer to do some rewriting, but as a dear friend of mine once said, “Hey, man I just ain’t feeling it today.” Sage words for sure.

I just ain’t feeling it today.

My beautiful dogs are lying at me feet. One is a double dapple Dacshund and the other a white American Eskimo kinda mutt with pointed ears and omnipresent snarl. He snarls when he is happy, sad, lonely, and thrilled to see you.

The only time he doesn’t snarl is when he is asleep – he isn’t snarling at the moment.

They are very patient with me. They think work is poor use of my time. I keep explaining we need it to keep the lights on. They are unimpressed by my arguments.

I tend to write shorter paragraphs than I probably should. They are probably grammatically incorrect because of where I break them. The thing is, I do it more by feel than I do by any rule. I think long paragraphs intimidate readers.

I’m stalling.

I have in recent years discovered the beauty of the semi-colon. What a tidy little piece of punctuation. I think it was developed for the sarcastic; you can turn a sentence on its head. Next to the dash it’s probably my favorite.

I’m stalling.

Here is the thing. I’m working on a new one act play and I’ve almost written myself into a corner and I’m stalling before I go in there to write myself out of it. I won’t go into any great detail because scripts generally sound weird when you describe them out of the context of the stage, but I think I set up the dramatic arc too quickly.

I usually attack a play with a vague notion of what I want to accomplish and let the characters guide me along; letting them build the tension and the dialogue. Anyway they guided me to the climax of the conflict far too quickly because there is more story I want to tell. That’s where I am.

So that’s why I’m stalling.

Okay so with confession out of the way, I best get back to it; or bed.


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