This is the inaugural issue of the Potter family holiday newsletter. Here we go. 2014 was an eventful year. Aren’t they all?

Let’s start with Bill. He continues to be a wonder. He wrote a play entitled “Cancer: It’s not for everybody.” This work was a product of his involvement in a playwriting group with the local community theater. The play met with resounding success. It’s wrought with life-and-death drama, sprinkled with a liberal dose of humor. Bill’s work has had a public reading and will be produced as a full play some time in 2015.

Bill also earned a professional certificate in Social Media Marketing from the University of Delaware. Check out his blog, his twitter feed, his website. Yikes! See URLs below.

Bill is championing a campaign to get jobs for Delaware’s veterans. He’s been really busy! Poor guy. Fortunately, he still found time to lose 25 pounds, work out like a madman, go fishing, and golf with pals.

I (Kate) spent my year trying to keep up with Bill. I am breathless from the effort. I took a temporary job with a local retailer from July through the holidays. Retail sales is not for the faint of heart. Whew! I now vow to always be a kind, patient customer.

I had strep throat for the first time in 40 years – er, wait, 30 years. I forget how young I am. J Talk about being down for the count. As I recovered, I gleefully took the illness to work and made some of my c0-workers sick. Likely a few customers, too. I can be generous to a fault.

I am taking classes at the local technical college to re-invent myself as a … Wait. It’s a surprise. I’ll be done in March. Read next year’s letter.

Otherwise, I read a lot, play Candy Crush, occasionally clean the house, and walk the canines.

Bill and I continue to dream of a future away from Delaware. We haven’t finalized anything yet. But dreaming is fun. I’m currently a fan of Tiny House Nation on television and I subscribe to a newsletter from a wonderful 55+ community in northern Oregon. It’s a whimsical, unusual place and Bill and I would fit right in Of course, Arizona has some great places. And we haven’t ruled out our beloved Montana! I save all of my Daily Retirement Suggestions e-newsletters. Everything is on the table. . Any and all suggestions are welcome.

To get to the sad part: we lost two of our precious pets to cancer – in the same weekend. Coco now is St. Peter’s major rehab project, while Pearl – my best friend – is an angel. She did her good work on earth.

So next step, we adopted a dachshund from Hell. He and Bill are BFFs, and incredibly sweet together. Sadly, Spike (the dachshund) views me as an intruder in his world. We changed his name from Dexter to Spike because he wants to drive one through my heart! I fear for my safety. And we still have 13-year-old Buzz. He’s blind, diabetic and incredibly happy. He’ll outlive us all!

Our garden was an interesting one this year. Bill grew habanero peppers. Yes, he bit into one. There were cute little watermelons, popcorn corn, and purple tomatoes. The rabbits loved it.

We wish you all the best during this beautiful Christmas season and hope your 2015 is a wonderful adventure!


Kate and Bill


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