Veterans Job Search Step One — The Master Resume

Good morning Veterans. How are you today? I’m sure you all went out and did your PT already. A few pushups, sides-straddle-hops, followed by a good three miler.

Makes you feel alive! BTW, remember every day’s a holiday, every meal a banquet, and every paycheck a fortune!

And that brings us to today’s topic – Paychecks. Or more precisely, how to get a paycheck; a job; un trabajo; the daily grind; and etc., etc., etc.

For the next week we are going to talk resumes; or rather winning resumes!

I remember it well, that day at Fort Leonard Wood MO. I was just out of college, we were knee deep in a recession and I joined the Army “To be All that I Could Be.” And there I was with a bead of sweat rolling down the center of my back as the drill sergeant threw a shovel – I wanted to itch, but the shovel was headed my way.

I snatched it in mid-air; we would become lifelong friends.

Digging a good defense is about preparation, constant improvement, and making sure you got the basics right – Resumes are the same way.

Every Monday morning in American Job Centers throughout the country, people who slap-dashed their resume together are shooting out the same one last week that didn’t get them a job, hoping this week it’ll be different; it won’t.

The problem more often than not is preparation.

Getting a good solid resume on the street should be a painful, tedious, and detailed process –just like building a good foxhole with overhead cover, camouflage, and sectors of fire. It has to be thought out.

Step one in resume preparation is the Master Resume. This will be your foundational document for your job search. Everything else hinges on getting this right. Done well it is painfully hard work and should take several hours to construct.

At the top list all you contact information — we will comeback to this later.

What you need to do is – starting with your most recent job and hobbies – list in a word processing document, all the things you’ve done well. Go back about ten years. Oh, and remember, everything counts.

When listing the jobs, think it through.

What did you do? What did you really do? I am sure there were a hundred tiny tasks you completed to make totality of your job come together. If you were an Infantryman, you did a thousand things besides close with and destroy the enemy by means of fire and maneuver.

You probably worked with sophisticated electronic equipment; you probably worked in a multi-cultural environment, operated at night, drove a variety of vehicles, navigated by map and satellite, used sophisticated communications equipment, led a patrol, and safeguarded sensitive information.

See what I mean? You did more than you think! And in all likelihood you did it well.

You may want to make mind map to get all your accomplishments and skill out of your head. There are a lot of webpages dedicated to mind mapping (probably too many), but in its simplest form it just a list of ideas around a particular subject. There are some good examples here:

Do the same thing for all the jobs or activities you were involved with for the last year. Remember everything counts!!!

For example, supposed you drove your sick old mother around town for appointments? Didn’t you really provide safe transportation in diverse traffic conditions on an established, detailed scheduled? You see Everything Counts.

Once you‘ve done this and listed all the great things about you, you’re going to give it to someone who will tell you the truth and let him/her review it. When that person says it is good to go and you are satisfied it is sufficiently detailed, you are going to save it Masterresume1 and email it to yourself.

When you are done with that you are done for now.


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