Super Secret Vets Resume Tips #2

Good morning vets!

Remember those good old Jodies?

“I don’t know, but I been told.

A quality resume is good as gold!

Sound off one, two,

Sound off three, four.

Break it on down now:

One, two, three, four.


Bradley Fighting Vehicle
Bradley Fighting Vehicle

Just gets my blood pumping! Hoohah!

Can we talk? Really can we? This resume writing stuff is pretty hard, but most of it is just a matter of knowing the rules of the game. Remember the fundamentals of the offense? – “Shoot, Move, Communicate!” Same thing here! Once you know the fundamentals you are good to go!”

In our last discussion we talked about the Master Resume and you’re probably still working on it. That’s good; keep up the fire!

While you’re doing that run by My Next Move at and see how your military experiences translate into civilian career fields.

This is a pretty important step as it can focus your job search, improving your chances of landing that first post military job.

Even so, you need to start thinking about the two primary types of resumes with which you will be working.

That’s right there are types and formats and on, and on, and on. Remember we are building our foundation here – just like a god fighting position.

Okay two types – They are Broadcast Resumes and Targeted Resumes. Unless you understand these, you’ll be like a Second Lieutenant with a compass – confused (Sorry 2LT’s, I couldn’t help myself).

The broadcast resume is just what the name implies.

It is to broadcast to the world that you are wonderful, and available, and ready to work. This resume is the one you will post to job site, job boards, and pass out at job fairs. Again broadcast is the key word. It highlights you work history and skills. It will most likely focus on an occupation and not a specific job with a specific company.

For example if – after you do your Master Resume and browse some occupations – you determine you might have some skills that are marketable in the financial sector. You go to My Next Move and start building a broadcast resume for the financial sector. Easy folks! We will talk about resume formats next week, (e.g. chronological and functional) but if you really want to read ahead, go to and start checking out the examples starting at page 45. If – like me – you left the military with experience in several fields, you can prepare more than one broadcast resume to post to job sites under several different “job agents.” We will talk about them next week as well.

The point is a good broadcast resume or two will tell the world you are ready and available. It primes the pump as they say.

The targeted resume is your “one shot, one kill” job search tool. It is the resume you will send to a specific job, to a specific employer, for a specific job opening. It matches the specifications from a vacancy announcement, with your experience. Remember this if you remember nothing else “SPECIFIC JOBS ALWAYS REQUIRE A TARGETED RESUME.

As always, make sure you go to to get your job search underway.


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