Christmas Battle: Fitbit Versus Barnes and Noble — Fitbit By a Knock Out

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times – At least from a social media perspective.

Let me explain.

Wednesday night (Christmas Eve) at the dark and witching hour of 5:30 pm, the jam-packed Barnes and Noble Book store at the Christiana Mall in Newark, Del was bustling when this announcement came over the speakers mercifully interrupting yet another round of Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas, “Attention Barnes and Noble shoppers the store will close in one half hour. Please make your way to the cash registers.”

And at the two banks of about four cash registers each stood at opposite ends of the store, ready for action, one check out person each.

Barnes and Noble Mangers flew up and down the escalators going, it seemed, everywhere but to the cash registers. And of course at one cash register one poor checkout women had a customer transaction needing a manager’s approval, but the leaders were too busy going up and down and seemingly running away from the key place on the floor.

Lines at both cash registers began to swell.

“Barnes and Noble Shoppers the store will close in 15 minutes, please take your items to check out,” the speakers intoned interrupting yet another Mariah Carey offering.

In frustration I tweeted this note on the Barnes and Noble.

text to Barnes and Noble
text to Barnes and Noble

I apparently tweeted into an abyss as it was never answered

Eventually, either by happenstance or coincidence, a manager finally found the cash register bank I was at and unbelievably, tried to hustle people into buying store memberships, instead of pumping customer through the line and out the door.

Thursday morning after I woke up from my long winter’s nap, my wife and I opened some presents. She gave me one those Fitbit exercise/nutrition/health tracker things you wear on your wrist.

To activate the product your have to go online – No big deal right?

Well for some reason known only to God, the Fitbit site was down PLANNED maintenance. I could just imagine a bunch of fat boys like me pushing themselves away from Christmas pancakes to find the site down.

Well having been so poorly treated the night before, I suspected a grand conspiracy and sent this Tweet to the world:

Well anticipating no response I went to grab a cup of Joe, came back and lo and behold, they responded.

I was shocked I tell you.

We had one or two more exchanges throughout the day and I eventually felt bad for complaining and even sent them a note of appreciation – they answered that too.

Exchange with Fitbit
Exchange with Fitbit

So the long and short of it is this Fitbit cared enough to engage me and I am wearing my groovy device right now and telling you.

Barnes and Noble did not engage and I am buying my next book from Amazon.


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