Super-Secret Vets Resume Tip #3

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Shhh. You gotta keep this stuff a secret! People will find out and soon everyone will have a quality resume. Shhhhhh.

Okay, okay, you’re right. You can tell friends, but no one else.

What? Okay, okay. Your friends and you’re family, but no one else!

Okay, okay, your friends, your family, and their friends, but after that — nobody else!

Fine! Have it your way — your friends, your family, their friends, and people they bump into at the grocery store, but that’s it!

Glad that’s settled.

If you haven’t done this yet, go to and download your copy of the Ultimate Job Search and let’s talk resume formats. The discussion starts on page 44 with an explanation of the pros and cons of the different formats. That’s a good discussion for next time; today I want to talk about two things common to any format – Contact information and Objective.

Other than the broadcast resume we discussed last time, every resume is targeted for a specific job and the goal is to get you an interview with an employer. It all starts with good contact info.

You contact information can either be centered, flush left, or flush right. I recommend centering you information like the example. That is my personal preference; if you really want to, go flush left. Stay away from flush right because people read from left to right and it can make the reader uncomfortable.

Obviously, all contact info has to be current.

Source: Ultimate Job Search for the 21st Century,  The National Learning Center University of Colorado Denver 3401 Quebec Street, Suite 5000 Denver, CO 80207
Source: Ultimate Job Search for the 21st Century, The National Learning Center
University of Colorado Denver
3401 Quebec Street, Suite 5000
Denver, CO 80207

I have a friend who seems to change his cell phone number every time there is a new technological advance with smart phones and he never tells anyone the new number. So I f I try to call him I usually have to email him first to get his new phone number. Luckily I’m not an employer trying to figure the mess out.

While conducting your job search get one phone number and stick with it.

Phone messages – while we are on the topic – can hurt or help you.

Don’t be clever, or hip. Be clear, be brief, and be gone. A good message uses Standard English, ensures the person has called the right number (I suggest using your name), and repeats any special contact instructions. There’s no music, no hip-hop, no poetry — nothing but clear info.

Email addresses. Oh my goodness! Some people should take the .45 out of its holster, aim it right at their foot, and pull the trigger! I have seen email addresses you wouldn’t believe an adult would send. For example ( ,; last, but certainly not least, is the ever repellant You want to make sure no one calls you, use one of those.

If you look at the example above is bland enough to use and not off-putting. If you were really smart you’d get a new email address, from some free provider like yahoo or gmail, and use it just for job searching.

Your contact information should be in a standard font such as Arial or Times New Roman and size 11 or 12. Everything else looks kind of goofy.

On to objectives:

There is some debate about job objectives. Some people say don’t use them, others say they are a must. I am solidly on the “use them” band wagon. I believe they are essential for the targeted resume.

So here is how to construct a good job objective statement for a targeted resume.

  1. Review the job specification for the position for which you are applying.
  2. Review your master resume and make sure you meet the minimum standards for the positon.
  3. Feed the information back to the employer.

For example, if the XYZ Corporation is looking for a Human Resource Technician, and you have HR qualifications that match the minimum qualifications, you objective would like this:

  • Object: To help the XYZ Corporation as a Human Resource Technician.

It shows the employer you know exactly what job for, which you are applying; it helps the HR folks sort through resumes in case there are multiple openings, and it shows a thoughtfulness many resumes will not have.

You can get as clever as you want with this. You can look up the company on the Internet and see what its mission is and incorporate that into the objective. If one of the firm’s values is treating all employees fair and justly, your objective could read:

Object: To help the XYZ Corporation treat all its employees fair and justly as a Human Resource Technician.

The most important thing to remember is to ensure the words you use are exactly the same as in the job announcement. If there is a position number that in there too. Use the employer’s language – not yours.

That’s it for now. I’ll be putting some videos together shortly.

Go make a lot of money!!


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