Blogs for specific reasons?

One of the warnings I’ve often read when it comes to blogging is “keep it focused” or a hundred other similar protestations that one’s blog should limited to a topic or two.

You see, that dog don’t hunt for me.

My life and interests are bigger than any one topic and having a blog for community theater; and one for cancer survivorship; and one for veterans employment issues; and another one for workforce development; and another for fishing and not catching, is just too darn hard and – not only that – I have a life outside the blogosphere.

Isn’t that really why we have tags and categories?

I realize we need to be writing for readers, but, in a metaphoric sense, isn’t the totality of a blog’s content revealing of the author? Aren’t the subjects a blogger covers themselves a story – or at least an outline.

I guess I understand the warning, though. Isaac Asimov wrote on various topics, but I usually only read his science fiction. He seems to lack credibility everywhere else.

This is so hard!!! Aaahhhh!

Oh well, just a rant I guess.


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