Two Chambers Come Together to Serve Guardsmen, Reservists, Veterans

Members of the Joint Military Affairs Committee work on issues at the its inaugural meeting.
Members of the Joint Military Affairs Committee work on issues at the its inaugural meeting.

Yesterday was an important day for Delaware businesses, veterans, and the state’s reserve component service members.

Friday afternoon, at about 11 a.m. the first meeting of the joint Military Affairs Committee (MAC) meeting for the Delaware State Cumber of Commerce and the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce was held at Delmarva Power’s headquarters in Newark, Delaware.

Not only was it the first meeting of the joint committee, but it may also be the first joint meeting of any kind of committee between the two Chambers (at least that anyone around the table could remember).

Regardless, this speaks to the gravitas both organizations give to the multi-dimensional challenges of promoting veterans as the applicant pool of first resort and helping employers work with and leverage currently serving National Guardsmen and Reservist.

It’s a very big deal.

These groups of heroes bring a ton of talent to the workplace and can help position a company for the future.

The committee’s first task was establishing its charter to outline its breadth and scope; detail objectives; identify expected benefits; schedule of meetings; and development of tasks.

All of it was reminiscent of the 3-dimensonal battle space military leaders envision when planning operations – a lot of pieces and parts to the puzzle.

It is important to note that this group doesn’t fall into the model of “identify a problem and build a committee.” Rather this body is of the “identify a problem, engage leaders and influencers, and vigorously execute a plan” model.

Good things are going to happen.

The foundation the joint committee is putting together is key.

Engineers say they can tell how high a building will be, by the size and composition of its base.

If the analogy is accurate – and I think it is – this committee could have a transformative reach and impact, changing the lives of service member, their families, and the businesses of Delaware.

More to follow.


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