Boffo! Chapel Street Players Wow With Seeing Stars in Dixie

I ain’t no theater critic, but I know what I know.

And I know that the cast of Chapel Street Players production of “Seeing Stars in Dixie” knocked it out of the park last night (sorry for the sports metaphor Glease).

Susie Moak was superb as Clemmie, the owner of a local teashop, coming to grips with her mortality and anonymity as she approaches her 60th birthday.

She tries to resolve her anonymity by auditioning for a small role in “Raintree County” starring her favorite stars Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor.

Comic and touching exploits ensue.

In her quest for the role she turns to Pat Cullinane whose portrayal of Tootie, a slightly tainted southern belle, was comic, tragic, and touching all at the same time.

Cyndie Romer as JoBeth, the local beauty and weathergirl wannabe, was delightful as Clemmie’s personal coach.

The scene where she teaches Clemmie to smile was hilarious.

Susan Boudreaux played Marjorie perfectly. Her delivery of a self-absorbed landlady who was less important than she thought was delightful.

Ah, but Phillip Haw, as Glease, was winner of an especially complex role, which he handled with aplomb and smoothness.

His support of Clemmie and his shoulder of his own burdens (more implied than explicit) create a sensitivity and depth.

Although the show was is actually Cinderella re-imagined, there was subtext throughout the actors brought subtlety to life.

One last thing. I have been to a lot of shows and have never seen a more gorgeous set. Unbelievable!

And that’s all I know!


2 thoughts on “Boffo! Chapel Street Players Wow With Seeing Stars in Dixie

  1. Thanks for all the wonderful words about “Seeing Stars in Dixie”. The cast deserves every one of them. I have always said that the talent at CSP is as good or better than any Theater group around and a pure joy to work with. Thanks again!

    Don Pruden, Director


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