Why I Like Black Sails

I’ve been thinking about Black Sails.

I ain’t no TV critic or nothing, but I really dig the way the writers of this show blend Robert Louis Stevenson’s characters from Treasure Island with historical figures like Charles Vane, Anne Bonnie and Jack Rackham.

Last night’s episode was many things, but at one point a nod to Stevenson as Captain Vane’s pirates torture John silver and eventually cause the amputation of one of John Silver’s legs (he becomes the one legged pirate Jim Hawkins befriends).

The writers of Black Sails have done a wonderful job of painting Silver as a – well – silver tongued devil; a skill that many will see in Treasure Island.

The carful blending of the historical figures and their dramatization with already famously functionalized characters is tightrope the writers handle deftly.

So far, the only pirates missing so far from cast are Black Dog who will cause Billy Bones to have a stroke at the old Admiral Benbow Inn and Ben Gunn whom Flint maroons on Treasure Island.

If the show is true to form Jack and Anne will not have the gold for long as Captain Flint needs to steal it and carry it off to Treasure Island and build a stockade.

I guess we’ll see next season as the writers introduce another historic figure, Blackbeard the Pirate, who was an ally of Charles Vane.

I guess we’ll see.


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