An Uncomfortable Hospital Visit — Given My Medical History

So much to write about today. Should I talk about the dastardly Sec. Defense assault on military pay and benefits? Should I talk about cancer and pneumonia? Let’s go with pneumonia – which I don’t have BTW.

For the past few days I have been as sick as a _____________. It was a miserable factor of 10.

With every cough my back ached and abs yelped. My ribcage rattled as I tried to catch my breath and suck in air. There were times when it was so bad I wondered if that’s how drowning or suffocation felt.

If the sickness weren’t bad enough, getting an appointment at the clinic required its own kind of stamina when I called on Monday morning.

At about 2 o’clock I wandered into the hospital – that’s where the clinic is – and went to my appointment. My doc wasn’t around so I saw a different one. He was nice enough and competent enough.

As he quickly scanned my medical history he said, “Huh, Burritt’s Lymphoma, don’t see that too often. How is going? Out of treatment?”

I gave him a quick rundown of my history.

He checked me out and started talking about pneumonia “given my medical history,” and I should probably get a chest X-ray before we do anything else “given my medical history.”

He never said it, but I had the unpleasant feeling I wasn’t going home that night if it turned out to be pneumonia.

He gave me the script for the X-Ray and sent me on my way.

The hospital has several buildings connected by a maze of tunnels, many of which I walked or was wheeled through on a gurney.

It was kind of weird and uncomfortable.

It’s not as if images of cancer treatment came rushing back, it was more like walking through a bad part of town the second time in one night.

When I first entered the X-ray place I didn’t recognize it because I had never gone in through the front door before, but when they took me back through a corridor line with gurney wait stations, I knew exactly where I was.

This was the same place I went for X-rays after my two (or was it three) PICC lines were installed. I knew all the people, even though they had no idea who I was.

With X-rays complete I trekked back through the hospital to the clinic and sat in an empty office for about 15 minutes – that was fine, I really had nowhere else to go.

The doc came in and sat down at the computer.

“Okay your X-rays are negative.”

He prescribed some drugs and said that if this didn’t work I was to go to the cancer center and get a Compete Blood Count to see if white cells were good – Given My Medical History.

Oh well.


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