Fledgling Social Media Consultant to Get Paid In Different Kind of Dough

Good morning all. Well I am taking my first steps as a social media consultant and have my first client, The Greater Hope Fellowship Christian Church in Wilmington, Delaware. I will be doing a needs assessment and path forward for this church hoping to spread the word of God and increase its members. It is hoping to leverage social media to help.

I have worked with GHCFC since its inception – Jeez has to be seven years now – on all manner of projects from employment classes to painting the interior when it moved to its current digs in the Cornell Business Park.

Anyway, the great news is I am getting paid. That’s right paid – in apple pie! I could’ve taken money, but when an opportunity comes to getting paid in homemade apple pie you take it and run. Run to the grocery store and buy some ice cream.

Just thought I’d mention it.


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