Gun Street Girl is a Killer — Book Review

I just got done reading “Gun Street Girl” by Adrian McKinty. Here are my thoughts.

20150419_182435“Gun Street Girl” was an excellent read, but probably should have been number three in the Troubles Trilogy instead of a standalone novel, unless of course the whole thing has turned into a quadogy – if that’s even a term.

Although there is nothing I can specifically put my finger on, “Gun Street Girl” seemed to feel like it fit in better with the Trilogy then did “In the Morning I’ll be Gone”

Although “Morning” had the requisite political intrigue, the fact is, the book is still a “locked door mystery” in the tradition of John Dickson Carr and in my mind makes it something different. Perhaps the locked door mystery was so well done that it distracted you from the Dermot McCann manhunt in the third book.

“Gun Street Girl” was a bit different as the murder of a mom and dad of a rich Oxford students fit perfectly into the political intrigue operating in both the background and foreground.

One point of concern, Sean Duffy’s chronic substance abuse is beginning to make him an unsympathetic character. I hope that isn’t the plan; I really like Sean Dufy.

AS always I could be wrong


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