My First Social Media Client

I met with my first social media client last night. It is the Greater Hope Christian Fellowship Church in Wilmington Delaware. I had previously developed a fairly lengthy needs assessment and the leadership of the church had reviewed it and they brought in their two volunteers that would curate content.

Since these two volunteers only had about 90 minutes I had to do a data dump and allow for follow-on conversations.

We talked about tailoring content across platforms as well as using different platforms to target a specific audience. I stressed the importance of dedicated engaged followers versus many followers who don’t care about you.

As we talked the ideas poured out and I had to bounce back and forth between Twitter and Facebook because that’s where the volunteers decided to initially target their efforts. The exchange was far less structured than I would have liked, but it was exhilarating nonetheless.

We covered the waterfront and paid special attention to metrics via Topsy, Klout, and Insights – still so much to do. Haven’t even covered Instagram, Vine or Google+ yet.


More soon.


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