Game Of Drones

I have watched Game of Thrones since the beginning and have liked it, hated it, and been appalled by it, but something odd this season is afoot.
For the first time I am bored by it.
These guys never shut up; they drone on and on and on. It’s not as if there is some big, diabolical plan bubbling somewhere. It seems like talk, for talk sake. It’s like each of these actors thinks they have to impress us with their acting chops.
It’s all a mess – an incoherent mess at that.
And while in the past I had been mortified by some of the graphic violence I now look back as if those were the good old days. At least something was happening.
My goodness. I’m starting to cheer for the dragons – long for Geoffrey to return. Anything! Director! Stop letting these yahoos emote, get on with the story.
I didn’t watch it last week; I was already tired so went to bed. I was already bored no need to watch.
That would have never happened in previous years.
The show needs to pick up tempo or they are going to lose me – and I want them to succeed. I wonder if George R. R. Martin is in over his head and the pressures of writing to make a TV show possible is affecting he quality of the program.


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