HP Support — Ned help

Der HP Support:

If you look back you will see I love you, I have several problems with two brand new computers.


1. HP Envy 17. The fan runs constantly and the machine is hot to the touch. I have done the condensed air thing, updated the BIOS and even brought it to the Microsoft store. The MS store everything is fine. They appear to be boobs. WE bought two – my wife has one and it is nowhere near this loud or hot. Somethings wrong. It is still under warranty and I need help that self-help support won’t seem to do the trick,

2. HP 15 Laptop is doing much better, but I have an intermittent problem with videos of all sorts turning into a green screen. Not just Facebook, but those made with movie maker. It’s very frustrating.

3. That’s two new machines with two big problem. That doesn’t even count the one my wife had to exchange and the dead hard drive on this one that had to be replaced. So far it is four for four with problems. I want to be loyal, but you guys are making it hard.

My email is Letice123@yahoo.com


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