@Elkton Station Emerging Artist Showcase Great Night, Great Event

Justyn Quirk, Alli Graham, and Phil Hanser brought my play to life last night at the Emerging Artist Showcase
Justyn Quirk, Alli Graham, and Phil Hanser brought my play to life last night at the Emerging Artist Showcase

If you live near Elkton Maryland, Northeast Maryland, or Newark Delaware and didn’t attend this year’s Emerging Artist Showcase at the Milburn Stone Theater @Elkton Station, oh man you missed a heck of a night.

I’m not saying this because my play, a one act “Memento Mori: Why Marley Saved Scrooge,” had a public reading, though it was what drew me, it was just this wonderful night of young artists (myself excluded, I am an old bastard) to showcasing their talent and it really worked.

I arrived a little late; I went to the wrong place because I wasn’t paying attention. I got to @Elkton Station at the tail end of the first play and missed most of it. It was one two plays written by Merlyn Quandry.

Alli Graham, Justyn Quirk, and Phil Hanser carried the acting load all night as they appeared, in different combinations, in each One Act. They were wonderful.

The event was emceed by a very funny young man, Brandon Gorin who has great crowd skills, charisma, and just enough quirkiness to make each of his appearances a bridge between acts.

My play was read beautifully by the Graham, Quirk, and Hanser. This is the second time I’ve heard my show and this time I heard a whole different set of corrections and improvements I could make.

Hanser’s Marley accent was excellent and gave the performance a real authenticity. Quirk, who played St. Peter, was wonderfully sarcastic. Her portrayal and cadence made me realize I had some unnecessary word repetition in my sentences. Thanks so much. Ms. Graham was perfect as Michael the Archangel, her precise delivery hit just the right tone. I didn’t realize until I heard her, how tough some of the lines were. I may change something there – I may not.

Madeline Funke enthralled – not a word I use lightly – with a ukulele medley of some pop tunes. It really worked.

Fluid Mosaic – a local quintet – made up of Michael Veiering on guitar and vocals, Alexis Boyd on Sax. Ms. Funke on uke, Jon Luther on Bass, and Seth Tillman on drums, rounded out the evening with some excellent jazzy coffee-house numbers. Tillman also stepped out from behind his drums to do a solo song. It was all quite excellent.

The point is – it was a wonderful evening of quality entertainment put together by great local talent. If they do this again next year, you really should go.


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