An Addendum to “The Summoning”

I want to thank Terri for calling me out on my earlier thoughts about “The Summoning” when I mentioned that Adam was one of the few white characters in the film. I appreciate every reader and I realize some clarification was need.

Having Adam as a white character was either wonderful casting or wonderful writing – maybe both.

Here’s why.

When Angela gives Adam the key to bringing back his dead wife, even though it will cause him incredible hardship, the guilt consumes her. She reflects and regrets what she has potentially done to another person – regardless of difference – and attempts to head off disaster even at her own expense. It gives Angela – played by Paula Jai Parker – a depth that otherwise may have been missing. It is at this moment she becomes – to the viewer— multi-dimensional rather than flat. Again, great casting or great writing or both.

Like I said earlier, I won’t spoil the scene, but suffice to say it is a wonderful moment.

While I’m at it, I wanted to mention the great work of Diandra Lyle, whose facial expressions – especially in one of the final scenes – were superb. She has a presence that will be a pleasure to watch (not in a creepy way) in the years to come.

I guess that’s it. Bye.


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