I Survived Cancer For This Update

The big meeting I was anxious about went exceedingly well. I used the old switcheroo on them.

They were expecting a big data dump and Boom! I went with the emotional call to action. Bam. I had the picture of the daughter of one of our clients (I wish I could show you the picture, but there are privacy consideration).

She is an adorable little black girl with tiny braids accentuated with white beads in the kind of style that made Bo Derek famous. This little –maybe two years old – princess is a real heart-melter.

I said, “I come to work every morning for her, not you, not the governor, but her (that’s actually true).”

I reminded the cabinet secretaries that action, or inaction in this case, had consequences, not to us, but to the little girl and all the families of people with small children just like her. Even though I really believe all this, at that moment I could sold a refrigerator to an Eskimo. Even the people with which I had been in conflict were on my side.

It was a wonderful end to a confrontation strewn few days.

For a change the good guys won.



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