LLS Fires Patient Services Managers Nationwide

There is something strange afoot with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society – something strange indeed.

In the last two weeks LLS conducted a Stalinesque purge of its Patient Services Managers by firing 26 of them nationwide.

Very strange indeed – unless it’s about greed.

As far as I can tell – and I was chairman of the Delaware Chapter’s Patient Services Committee – the patient services managers worked with volunteers (primarily survivors and families) to bring information and hope to blood cancer victims. At least for me, they created a link between LLS and community members.

I have scoured the LLS site to see if there were any mention of the purge; any new statement of direction. I didn’t see one.

Very strange indeed.

I believe they cut these positions because they were non-fund raising slots. These positions were more concerned with patient education than wringing every last dollar from a pool of patients, survivors and mourners.

The list of fund raising events from LLS is non-stop and ubiquitous. From Man, Woman of The Year, To Team in Training to Light the Night, and on and on and on; it seems never ending. Through it all there was a single anchor in the community that brought survivors in to the fold to volunteer and raise money – patient services managers.

Very strange indeed.



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