Another Good New Show From Syfy – Dark Matter

Mr. Lemke as #=Three from Syfy Good new show, Dark Matter

You got to give Syfy their props; they just keep coming at you with original programming. They have a new show in their stable – Dark Matter.
It’s a space show that seems very influence by Firefly, a dash of Star Trek the Next Generation, and old film Noir.
Without giving too much away, six people wake up on a spaceship from some kind of frozen stasis to find their memories wiped clean. We don’t initially know who they are, or what their talents are or any back story. Those details are cleverly revealed piecemeal in every episode.
As time goes on we find out the people are hired supposedly thieves and/or killers who go from job to job at the behest of one evil corporation or another. Oddly, they;ve all woken up with some level of conscience and moral compass. Something is obviously afoot.
This is an extremely clever plotting device allowing the writers great creative opportunities for internal/external conflict.
Instead of names the crew uses the number in the order they woke up. The leader of the band of – whatever they are – is Two played by Melissa O’Neil. Ms. O’Neil inhabits the role and is pretty believable. It is good to see a women back in charge of a spaceship. I don’t recall seeing one since Captain Janeway from Star Trek Voyager. Ms. O’Neil character is already more complex than Janeway was.
The fish out of water is One played Marc Ben David, who, according to IMDB has done several things, but I’ve never seen him, before. One is the consistent good guy in the show who always wants to do the right thing and by doing so pulling the entire crew into danger.
The most fun to watch is surely Three played by Anthony Lemke who gets the best comic lines. Many will remember Mr. Lemke from his time on Lost Girl, before Bo became a self-absorbed blah, blah, blah (Another day for that ultimately disappointing mess). Regardless, Mr. Lemke plays a brigand with a heart of – if not gold – brass.
Four is played by Alex Mallari Jr., whose character I haven’t figured out yet. They better right the ship with this one or he is going to end up as a Star Trek Crewman in a red tunic – expendable. Near as I can tell he is a brooding martial arts master waiting for the right time to spring into action I guess. Mr. Mallari has a pretty extensive resume and seems fairly competent at his craft.
Jodelle Ferland – who plays Five is the obligatory child crew member who has mystical powers ala River Tam from Firefly. She has an extensive resume already so hopefully they will put her skills to better use. Right now she is a secondary character who could also end up in a Star Trek Red Tunic. It’s very early yet though.
Six is a bit interesting. Roger R. Cross has been in a million things and does them all fairly well. In Black Matter he is the pilot of the space shuttle and all around badass and nice guy. As the show unfolds I look forward to seeing him get more screen time.
Billed as one of the Stars of the show Zoie Palmer, also a Lost Girl alum, has been the biggest disappointment so far. She plays the Android. And they really need to step it up. She is neither funny, nor engaging. It’s just flat, blah. You know.
All in all it’s a good show that seems to have found a niche and needs a little character development. Let’s hope the writers can keep this thing afloat. for more info


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