NEXT Playwrighting Memo

It's me talking to you. It has nothing to do with the memo
It’s me talking to you. It has nothing to do with the memo

CSP NEXT!                                                                                                    October 19, 2015

Memorandum for: CSP Next Group

SUBJECT: Process Improvement for Our NEXT Sessions

  1. This memo reviews the notes from our Saturday October 17, 2015 meeting and includes some initiatives that we hop will improve our experiences, increase technical playwriting competence, increase fun, and result in more people participating in NEXT.
  2. Since no one had a reading for Saturday, we decided to conduct some long-overdue house cleaning and establish some goals for the next 12 to 18 months.
  3. We decided we would pursue a project and present it to the Chapel Street Players leadership. Although we didn’t settle on a specific project, George Cope said he would review his notes for a weekend playwriting festival. Regardless, we intend to champion a project of some kind to get something we’ve worked on onstage. We thought this might be a better approach than trying for a full-blown production and navigating the inherent hurdles with that endeavor.
  4. Much of Saturdays meeting was devoted to CSP NEXT structure, outreach, and meeting design.
  5. Structure. We talked about the actual structure of CSP NEXT and decided that we should develop a charter that outlines the rules, roles, and responsibilities inherent in our group. We said we didn’t want to make it too strict or formal, but a charter or some bylaws might go a long way to making things run smoother. I said I would take the first crack at writing a draft charter and would have that for the group for our November meeting. I also said I would try to develop some Standing Operating Procedures (SOP) stuff for between meetings (E.G) Agendas, Phone Trees).
  6. Outreach. This has long been a bugaboo for NEXT. Alan Harbaugh said he would take a whack at developing some ideas we can use to increase exposure of NEXT. Alan used the phrase inclusivity to describe NEXT’s role within the theater community generally and CSP specifically. He will report out next meeting. It is important to note, that the group has become a resource as we have had two new playwrights present to the group, and have been asked on two other occasions if we had One Acts for use – once by the Reedy Point Players and another time by the Emerging Artist Showcase in Elkton.
  7. Meeting Design. Our discussion focused on ensuring everyone’s time is well spent and that writers, actors, and directors had a vibrant experience. We generally believed (at least is sounded that way to me) that we can do a much better job of designing our meetings. Lance Going to take a swing at designing our meetings. He will report out next meeting.
  8. Learning. We were in general agreement that since we were all self-taught, we should include some kind of writing education into our meetings. This could be anything from exercises involving actors to a discussion of dramatic structure. Regardless, since neither Brooks nor Lyn were there, we elected either or both of them for this assignment. I hope that’s okay.
  9. That’s it for now. I will be posting more stuff in the next week or two.
  10. Please pay attention to our Facebook page for announcements and I will soon be using direct emails. I am the point of contact for this memo at 302-242-4743 or

Bill Potter

High Exalted Mystic Ruler



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