Old Bastard Weightlifting #2 — Building a Foundation

Me and my chief of staff
Me and my chief of staff

Old Bastard Weightlifting
I should probable put some disclaimer in here before someone gets hurt and decides it’s my fault.*
There that’s done.
Here at Old Bastard Weightlifting my staff and I have been hard at work drinking coffee and thinking about stuff. Being the keen masters of the obvious we are we realized we better start from the beginning.
I am 58. That means all the connective tissues in my body are 58 too. My bones are 58, my tendons are 58, my cartilage is 58, and so is everything else. So to get the most out my weightlifting I need to build a foundation before I go too crazy hoisting massive amounts of iron and parading down the beach in a dayglow Speedo.
Okay, that means starting a bit incrementally. And I regret to inform you that means pushups. I know, I know. I hate them too. They hurt; they are boring; and unless you can do a couple of hundred, they’re not much of a conversation starter. Even so, they are safe, effective, and can get your body ready for the rigors of pumping iron. Once you throw in the obligatory planks and walking you’re on your way.
Here is a great article by the Huffington Post about pushups http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/08/28/how-to-do-a-pushup_n_5716563.html
So for the first month or so be like brave Ulysses and resist the call from the Siren Weight-bench
Here is a wiki about planks http://www.wikihow.com/Perform-the-Plank-Exercise
I guess that’s it for now.

*I am not a doctor or a registered exercise scientist; I am an old guy who lifts weights. That’s it.


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