Just a sketch

Well I’m sitting in my lair trying to make sure I get my writing done for the day. I’ve got Earth Wind and Fire “Sun Goddess” playing in the background and I’m just at that part with the smooth saxophone that would get hips moving of girls in college in the 1970’s.

Earth, Wind, Fire just had that vibe.

Anyway, my Double-dapple, Dachshund Spike is with me. He’s lying on the floor. He’s chilling too.

I forgot about the percussion these guys had; hard not to dig them.

I’ve been trying to get some home projects done in recent weeks. Oh man “Reasons” just came on. I was once teaching an English class at Strayer University and for some reason I had “Reasons” playing on my laptop and this young woman – maybe in her 20’s – said, “Professor Potter, That’s some great barbeque music you got going there.”

She was right.


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