Dropping the Tree

I meant to blog yesterday but never got to it. Not a very good excuse – Oops.

Last Saturday was hot, and humid.

I pulled out my chainsaw, sharpened the blade, and sized up the tree I was going to drop it middle of my back yard.

“Honey,” I said pointing to a spot on the ground. “I’m going to drop that tree right here.”

The tree, about as big as a Sequoia (okay 25 feet anyway), was big, round, and too close to the house.

I tied a brick to one end of my rope and threw it into the tree, hoping to get it high enough around a limb and jiggle the line back to the trunk. I was lucky. I lowered the brick to the ground and tied a couple of slippery half-hitches in the line and hoisted it up like I would a flag.

I took the line, anchored it to the stockade fence and with series of pulleys and loops made a guideline that would put tension on the tree as I cut the trunk to help me drop it in the right spot,

My chainsaw was a little dull, but I thought I’d be okay.

I notched the front of the tree and began my cut on the back side. It took forever; the angels were watching.

As slogged on with my dull saw, I realized the tree was starting to list the wrong way and I was about to destroy my fence and drop that bad boy in my neighbor’s yard.

I ran to the guideline and tighten my rope using mighty moose muscle.

I ran back to the chain saw and started cutting again. MY cut soon closed on my saw blade telling me two things. The tree was ready to go the wrong way and it was hanging by a thread.

I ran back to my guideline, untied it, began pulling. I could see the leaves tilting toward the fence. My wife got behind me, wrapped her arms around my waist and she pulled me while I pulled the tree. The leaves swayed toward us and then back toward the fence. Back and forth, back and forth. It was going to fall somewhere any second.

“One more pull,” I shouted.

We gave it all we had. Three tree came our way, stopped for a second and then we heard a hug crack as it fell in the yard.

We were exhausted and dropped to the ground.

I looked at her and said, “You want a tree down, and we’ll drop that baby.”

“I didn’t want the tree down,” she said. “You did.”

“What?” I thought you did.”

“No,” she said. “This was your idea.”

I scratched my head and looked at all those branches to trim from the tree lying in most of my backyard.,


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