Bill’s Beery Good Reviews

As Bill’s summer of beer comes to an end some early results are worth reporting. Okay here we go.

The initial results show the big winner are lager beers. I find them super yummy.

If you live near Pennsylvania, you’ve hear of Yuengling Beer, It is America’s oldest brewer and its lager has a bit more flavor than most American domestics. It’s reasonably priced and provides a superb value

Another great lager was Negra Modelo, This beer, a tad more expensive than Yuengling, has a great taste and is especially good in a chilled glass.

A surprise – at least to me – was Sierra Nevada Summerfest Crisp Lager. It was flavorful and a bit more bitter than the others.

The biggest disappointment – at least to me – Victory Brewing’s lager. I’m sure this is a fan favorite for some, but the taste was just a bit too delicate.


Tomorrow we will talk ales


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