Summer of Beer II

Okay, okay, okay there were a bunch or responses to my blog about lager beer and many IPA fans beet me about the head and shoulders, but I sweat I’ll get to IPA’s tomorrow. Toight I want to talk about Shandy’s – summer shandys to be specific.

Shandy’s are beer with a twist—usually a citrus twist. I have noticed many of these are wheat beers. You know, the thicker kind of beer brewed with a much higher percentage of wheat. I’ll talk about wheat beer later.

Shock Top is a Belgian Wheat beer which comes in lemon and citrus peel. It’s clean refreshing and moderately priced. It is also available on tap in many places. I thought it was best of the summer shandys I ran into.

Fat Tire Citradelic is an entry from the folks who bring us Fat Tire Amber Ale. It is a nudge more expensive than Shock Top, but just not quite as great. Good mind you, but not great.

Leinenkugel’s summer shandy did not seem nearly as good as its reputation. It was way to thick and not nearly as refreshing as a lemonade infused wheat beer would have. I really don’t remember the price, but somehow $10 a six feels about right.

I thought the worst beer of the summer was a watermelon and cucumber thing called Seed Free and Joy  I got from Delaware Brewer 16 Mile. This brewer sells many wonderful brews \, this wasn’t (to me) one of them.


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