Touting a Hokum Mandate

For the past several days I’ve heard a dump truck full of hokum about a supposed “mandate” the Republicans think they’ve earned from the recent election.

I warn my Republican friends not to be counting too many chickens just yet. All data suggests any mandate is as illusory as the Clinton Blue Wall. It Just doesn’t exist.

I’m not saying they can’t build a mandate, but one doesn’t exist today.

Consider that a mandate implies an overwhelming moral authority. Consider that a mandate implies an obviousness; a huge victory.

That just didn’t happen. While Mr. Trump surely did win the electoral college (by a lot), most people did not vote for him; the senate Republicans lost seats; and the house of representatives Republicans lost seats as well.

So – to my mind – here is what the Republicans need to do; take a deep breath, step back, and see what can be done to truly serve America. And maybe, just maybe the imaginary mandate they are touting might become a reality.

However, hubris won’t cut it.

If we’ve learned anything during the Obama years, it is the American people will take an imaginary mandate and shove it down your throat within 24 months (consider the Obama first mid-terms). He crushed John McCain only for the Dems to get their heads handed to them.

So before Republicans get tendonitis from patting themselves too much on the back, they need to beware. Suffering Americans don’t have a whole lot of patience with illusory mandates; they want our elected leaders to get to work and not take victory laps.

I hope Mr. Trump does well. And maybe he can, but the Republicans who are water skiing in his wake need to be careful or they will end up being tossed on the rocks.


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