Maltese Duck/Reedy Point Players Playwriting Contest Moves Forward


Directors choose actors for June 17th Festival

There’s big doings in Delaware City.


Tuesday night eight directors met about 18 actors auditioning for about roles in eight plays a part of The Reedy Point Players Playwriting Contest/Festival, which will showcase the one acts on June 17th.

The directors – a good mix of novices and old experts – watched as the actors brought pieces and parts of eight plays to life in an austere – what looked like a classroom – room with chairs and an old chalkboard which probably need a nun to be complete.

Anyway, the auditions started at about 6 pm. I was a smidge late as I took a wrong turn because I got distracted talking on a hands-free while driving (really state police I had the blue tooth thing going). The actors were wonderful. (special shout out to 12-year-old Logan, who did a great job against all the older actors).

As the actors went in and out the directors (aka playwrights) scored them based on some secret system which was probably neither uniform nor scientific (my God we’re writers. What do we know?).

At about 9:30 the auditions ended and the directors/writers started to divided up actors. (Not the actors themselves, but the stable of actors; I should have said corral).

What I thought was going to be a contentious event turned out to be quite pleasant. We all said who we wanted, swapped some names around, and pretty soon we all had wonderful casts.

My show was originally written for two men and a woman, but (not unlike the Voice) I was able to steal three glorious women actors. I was more focused on making the role fit actors than the other way around. I must do a little rewriting, but who cares. I felt like Jerry Jones must have when he drafted Emit Smith, Troy Aikman, and Michael Irving – I guess I was giddy.

Now it is off to rehearsal. More to follow



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