Almost didn’t go to work

This morning at about 0715 I left my house.
I hopped into my car and slid ”Bat Out of Hell” in to the CD player. The day was going about the same as any other day, but today an antsyness (if this is even a word) hummed in the very back my mind – an almost imperceptible longing.
I crossed the bridge on 495, which I am sure is about the same as any other bridge the country. And then “Paradise By the Dashboard Light” came on. From the first few squealing guitar notes everything seemed to change.
The cars in front moved to the left and right, making a hole just begging to punch the gas pedal and fly through.
I did.
My car seemed synched to the music. The guitar, drums, and that especially wonderful raunchy voice of Ellen Foley (Most people think it was Karla DeVito because she appears in the live video) drove the handling of the car.
I came to the exit, which leads to my office. I looked at it; looked at it again; and changed my engine button from Eco to Sport and punched the pedal again. I was flying. The road moved under the car. \
I sped down 495 for five miles and approached the last possible exit. If I kept going, I’d be gone for the day; speeding through Philadelphia, then New York, and then who knows. But as Robert Frost said;
The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.
I turned off the highway; I took the exit: I returned to a day of, as Thoreau said, “quiet desperation.” At least for now.


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