Husband and Wife to Direct First Play: Can Marriage Survive

Here’s the haps.

My wife and I are going to direct a play together. Neither of us has ever directed anything before, but I entered this playwriting contest and in order to get it staged you had to have a director, but you could direct it yourself.

So anyway I put out some feelers and people couldn’t fit it into their schedules so I am doing it. And then I thought it might be cool if my wife and I did it.

That starts this afternoon. My plan is to blog about this for the next few weeks until show time on June 17th. It’s a one act entitled “The Maltese Duck and will be one of several The Reedy Point Players will put on in Delaware City.” It’s a semi-comedic mystery.

More to follow


Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum come out in favor of Sharia Law.

I must say I’m shocked to see Presidential candidates like Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum come out in favor of Sharia Law.
Oh well it should have been predictable.
When Kim Davis, the now infamous County Clerk from Rowan County, Kentucky and recent jailbird, decided to put religious law before secular law and not issue marriage licenses to gay couple, she was hauled off to the hoosegow in contempt of court.
Mike Huckabee shouted foul as did Rick Santorum and others; all in the name of religious freedom. Their headlong rush to defy secular law in favor or religious teaching is a weighty demonstration of their support for Sharia Law.
As we all know, these guys are nothing, if not fair and even handed. They will surely and evenly apply their moral outrage when Kosher Law, Catholic Catechism, Sharia Law, and every other faith-based law comes into conflict with secular law. That’s how these guys role.
Religious tribunals of every stripe will soon be adjudicating validity of everything from marriage licenses, to drivers’ licenses, to traffic tickets, and restaurant menus for dietary infractions.