Trump Resistance Led By Women

I have in recent weeks come to more respect the bravery of women. They have seemed to show a level of courage sorely lacking in many of us men.
I speak specifically about the courage liberal and conservative women are showing in their approach to current presidential initiatives. From Susan Collins, to Elizabeth Warren, to Lisa Murkowski, to Allison Grimes; all seem to be willing to thwart presidential initiatives in numbers that don’t seem to be reflected in the male population.
From the protest of predominantly women the day after the inauguration to now it has been women, who seem to be leading the anti-Trump charge. They have made mistakes along the way, (such as disenfranchising right to life female marchers) but by-and-large it is women of all stripe that have been leading from the front.
This isn’t to suggest that women who support Trump aren’t brave; how could they be otherwise. They just aren’t the point of this note (maybe I’ll chat about them later).
My only point is the Trump resistance seem to be led by women, while men who should be in the fight sit on the sidelines, seemingly waiting it out until the tide changes, stays the same, or ebbs.
It is at least interesting.


Another Difference Between Men and Women

I have indisputable proof that men and women are different. It’s indisputable I tell you! What’s more my wife pointed it out.


Every weekend men go to the local Nordstrom, Kohl’s, upscale or downscale department store, find a chair and wait for their love to peruse whatever purse, shoe, belt, or other item that may be on sale. The women try on, flip through and decide. All the while the men sit in whatever chair they can find stuffed between aisles or behind fitting room mirrors.

Well, I discovered it goes both ways.

This week I had to go to Lowe’s and get some bolts. My wife went with me and patiently waited as I flipped through bolts, nuts, and washers. I tried locked nuts, regular nuts, lock washers and flat washers.

My wife, ever patient, waited.

WE checked out and as we drove through the parking lot, in car after car women were sitting reading, flipping through their smartphones, or dozing; presumably waiting for their mate who was buying some piece of whatever it is.

It is important to note that women are way smarter than men; they stayed on their cozy cars while men hunt down uncomfortable chairs.