Don’t Miss Night Watch

I got something to say.
I am in  “Night Watch” at Chapel Street in Newark. After the show I went into the audience to get my well-deserved accolades. I thought I’d wander among the common folk and let them gaze at me in wonder.
Context, context, context. Night Watch is a delightful psychological murder mystery (of sorts) directed by Susie Moak and stage managed by Michelle Eddinger Cullen: it runs this weekend and next. Go to for ticket info and such.
Back to my story.
I began mingling with muggles and one elderly woman I never met before, who acted like we were pals said, “It’s a wonderful show. The actors were are all so talented, do you know somebody in the show?”
I was going to remind her I was IN the show, but she wandered off.
So I’m standing in the aisle and I see this guy wringing his program into shreds. His face is almost crimson.
I said, “Hey man you okay?“
“I know it’s just a show, but that guy who played the husband (Patrick Cathcart) he can really act,” he said. “Well … I hated him; I’m just trying to cool down before I drive home; I’m all worked up”
“Is there anyone else you want to single out?” I asked.
“Nah they were all great. You know someone in the show?”
“Yeah,” I said dejectedly. “Mr. Appleby.
“I don’t know where they found Mr. Appleby (Walt Osborne), but I could watch him all night,” the man said. “He really balanced out the jerk husband character.”
“Yeah sure, Why not,” I said.
Out of nowhere a woman who grabbed me by the shoulder and spun me around and said, “I’m so glad Denise Rogers Mylin was Elaine. She is so elegant, and I believed her all along; I was rooting for her.”
“Me too,”
“Are those her dresses?” the woman asked.
“I don’t know, I guess so.”
“You know who else was wonderful? That Kelley Bielewicz. She is a great actress. And her dresses were also immaculate. Where did they find her?
“Couldn’t say.”
Have you ever seen a show here before?” she asked.
“No,” I said. “This is my first time.”
I decided at this point to hightail it downstairs for a glass of wine.
“Hey mister!” some kid shouted.
“Is Helga (Heather McCarty) really from Europe,” said this young kid. “She sure sounds like it.”
I said she was. I thought maybe Austria
“Thanks,” he said. “Where did they get the cops from?”
“Well the detective (Chris Hankenson) came down from the NYPD to help. And Patrolman Vanelli (Sam Vernooy), he is from the Newark Police Department.”
“That makes sense,” he said. “I thought they were real cops. No way were they acting. How come you know so much?”
“I read the program.”
Someone, presumably his mother, grabbed him by the arm and dragged him toward the door.
“Thanks mister,” he shouted over his shoulder.
Over the crowd I saw my wife waving to me. I knew I could count on her.
“What a great show, she said. “They were great. The set is wonderful. I’m going to go. See you at home.”
On the way backstage I met this guy who had a Chihuahua stuffed in his coat (I don’t know why).
“Is that Dr. Lake (Cindy Starcher) still here?” He asked. “I want to talk to her.”
“To make an appointment?”
“She ain’t a real doctor,” he said. “She was just acting. She was fabulous.”
“I don’t know where she is man. I’m just trying to go home.
“Well if you see her, tell her she’s a gem.”
“Okay sure, but a what’s with the dog?” I asked.
“What dog? Oh, this one? I forgot he was here. That’s weird.”
I went downstairs had a glass of wine. Did some backslapping and went to get in my car. When I got to the street a bunch of are college students in a circle were chanting, “Walt! Walt! Walt! Walt!” I’m not sure the events are connected, but I suspect they are.

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